Comrades in Alabama Department of Corrections segregation join January 1st #30dayeconimicblackout.

The Free Alabama Movement (FAM) is urging individuals within the state of Alabama, and across the country, to hear their cry as they issue a call for a 30-Day Economic Blackout. Beginning at 12:01am, January 1st,
2021, individuals who are incarcerated within the Alabama Department of Corrections, along with their loved ones on the outside, plan to begin a month-long economical strike against the ADOC in retaliation against prison injustice, abuse, and industrialized slavery. The following individuals are currently housed at Kilby Correctional Facility and are being held in segregation. They have committed to joining the cause in the only way that they can, by going on a hunger strike.
Bernard Jemison – 179080
Brandon Cargill – 214181
Gerald Griffin – 247505
Karon Similton – 294981
Patrick Banegos – 297614
Ronnie Miller – 244648
Kenyeda Johnson – 231169
Pat Brown – 275685
Delbert Tillery – 183233
Deandre Wilson – 224433
Cornelius Bridges – 264222
The ADOC is currently in a full-fledged humanitarian crisis, which state leaders are turning a blind eye to. The leaders of our state are not doing what they have been called to do to preserve and protect the lives of those in its custody.

By: Hannah B.

Published by Swift Justice Inc.

I'm a Freedom Fighter enslaved within the Alabama Prison plantation fighting to see slavery abolished.

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