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Pastor Kenneth Sharpton Glasgow


On Jan 30, 2021 Robert Earl Council A.K.A. Kinetik Justice Amun, a well known political prisoner, was brutally assaulted by officers at Donaldson Correctional Facility. This assault left Kinetik blind in one eye, amongst other injuries. The officers used excessive and unnecessary force violating the 8th Amendment/cruel and unusual punishment clause. There was no legitimate need for the use of force as he was unarmed and not a threat to the officers.

Since his release from the hospital he has been housed in Kilby’s segregation unit on an alleged ADOC Law Enforcement Services Division (I&I) hold due to an investigation regarding the assault that took place. Kinetik, as well as others have filed an intent to sue due to inhumane living conditions in the segregation quarters. Conditions, such as: no fire extinguisher system, no lights in cells, infestation of rats and roaches, inadequate ventilation systems, unsanitary waste system, and unsafe/unhealthy living quarters.

On August 18, Kinetik inquired to the Segregation Board, as to what would be done about current living quarters, conditions that violate their basic human rights. The Lt. responded “we’re not putting lights in the cells”, “use the daylight”. The Lt. didn’t address any of the other conditions.

Kinetik is being held in segregation without cause. He has no disciplinaries.The warden stated he is being held on an I&I hold for an ongoing investigation however, I&I stated today August 24 that he is not on an I&I hold and suggested I (Nikki Davenport outside organizer from FAM ARM Queen Team) speak to the warden regarding why Kinetik is still being held in segregation. On August 22 Kinetik went on hunger strike regarding the inhumane living conditions and being held in segregation for an extended period of time without cause. He has stated he will remain on hunger strike until he is released from segregation.

Outside organizers such as FAM ARM Queen Team, Unheard Voices O.T.C.J., and TOPS are demanding that Commissioner Dunn and all other ADOC subordinates cease all vindictive tactics of retaliation against peaceful inside organizers such as Kinetik Justice, Bennu Hannibal Ra-Sun, Swift Justice, Ephan Moore, Bernard Jemison, and any other uprising peaceful organizers; for their participation in exposing 8th Amendment right violations and human right violations. ADOC has an extensive history in manipulating their own policies by holding incarcerated individuals in segregation under the guise of a “threat to security”. In all matters, Kinetik Justice is anything but a threat to security! However, security is and has been a threat to him!

There will be a protest held in front of Alabama Department of Corrections (Commissioner Dunn’s office) on Wednesday Sep 1, 2021from 10am-1pm cst. The address is 301 S. Ripley Street Montgomery, AL 36130. Hope to see you there!

Peace & Solidarity,
Nikki Davenport

FAM Queen Team
PO BOX 404
Decatur, AL 35602
Phone: (334) 245-0761

Published by Swift Justice Inc.

I'm a Freedom Fighter enslaved within the Alabama Prison plantation fighting to see slavery abolished. Contact Swift Justice by sending us an email at

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